Why high quality images are crucial for website success

Like most business owners, you probably think of your website as a key part of your marketing strategy. And for good reason –  it's the most crucial part of any marketing, your website is the most effective way to reach out to new customers and promote your products or services online.But what some don't realise is that having high quality images on their website is just as important as having well-written content. In fact, research shows that 65% of people are visual learners and therefore more likely to remember information and engage with websites that have compelling images.

This is an often-overlooked element that can easily make or break a website. As web designers, we’ve seen a few clients fall victim to poor imagery which does not reflect the quality or credibility of their business to users, creating a negative first impression – one of the many reasons why they get in touch for a total update.

So, why are high quality images important for your website? Let’s find out…

1. Images build trust with your audience

Firstly, they make your site look more professional and trustworthy. If you’re selling products or services, then visually appealing product and company photos are essential in encouraging the right response from visitors when it comes to expressing a level of interest and generating sales.

2. Images make your content more interesting

An image can speak a thousand words. It can help you to illustrate points or highlight key features in a much more enjoyable and memorable way. Plus, pairing them with captivating content will only make your website easier to read and stronger against other competitors in your niche.

3. Images enhance user experience

Thirdly, high quality images can improve the user experience. No one wants to look at a grainy, pixelated image. Good visuals not only break up blocks of text or whitespace on your website to help with layout, but most importantly, tap into the emotional side of the decision making process to keep people engaged, which is crucial if you want them to stick around and become return customers.

4. Images improve SEO

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, but one thing remains the same: high quality content is key. By using images on your website, you can help improve your site’s ranking in search engines by optimising alt text and title tags.

Bespoke web design drives business

At Digibean, we understand the importance of well-designed, high resolution images and graphics to tell your story, and work hard to give your site the best chance of success. If you’re in need of a re-brand or new website to get people clicking, call our Manchester web design agency on 0161 958 6292 for a chat!

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