Reframing the mechanics of SEO and UX

Businesses can often be hesitant to address digital because they feel they are not tech-savvy enough or simply lack understanding of the technical factors at play. However, once we strip the technical complexities back to their fundamentals, the process becomes much clearer. As a decision maker, you don’t need to know how digital works, you just need to know what it can do.

So, let’s master the basics. In this brief article, I’m going to outline and reframe two essential pillars of an effective online presence: attracting relevant traffic (SEO) and converting visitors to customers (UX).

SEO & UX in a nutshell

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of increasing the visibility of websites on search engines like Google around relevant search teams, reaching as wide an audience as possible.

UX, also known as user experience, is best understood as the emotions a person experiences when they interact with your business online. UX addresses how users behave and influences how they ‘feel’ about you as a business.

Drawing parallels

When searching for a new career, you attempt to sell yourself as the most viable candidate to as many decision-makers as possible, with the hopes of getting hired. With that being said, there ultimately lies two basic ingredients in a successful job hunt (or sale):


– Talk to the right people, en masse – leverage the law of averages.

– Present yourself and your value impeccably – appearance matters.


These same rules apply as much in a digital sales journey as they do in reality, get in front of the largest audience possible, and clarify your value proposition appealingly.

Where's the relationship?

SEO drives prospects to your door, but getting customers to enter is just the first step. Once inside, UX becomes the friendly and knowledgeable salesperson who understands their needs, guides them to the right products, fields any questions, and ensures everyone leaves with a positive impression of the business. UX is not just about aesthetics; it is a deliberate, psychological, and emotional approach to design.

You may be getting in front of an audience just fine, but if they arrive and you look shabby and are difficult to interact with – your search efforts were pointless. Likewise, you could provide the most seamless experience in your industry, but no one’s around to listen, what’s the use?

Remember this

Remember, SEO and UX are intrinsically linked – one cannot be efficient without the aid of the other. SEO will make the introduction, and UX will deliver the pitch and close the sale. Ensure the design and user experience of your website presents your business the way your customers come to expect.

Your online presence is one of the most important and profitable assets at your disposal. Prioritise discussions that focus on tangible outcomes, not technical explanations. Digital doesn’t have to be difficult, and with Digibean, it isn’t.

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