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Are you looking for more than just a hotel room? Vesta Stays offers guests high quality accommodation at affordable prices in Stafford, Lincoln, Chesterfield and Colchester. Whether your stay is for business or leisure, you can be sure to feel at home in any one of their stylish and comfortable residencies, ranging from 1 bedroom flats to 4 bedroom townhouses.

Despite their success, the client’s travel booking website and brand image felt outdated; unable to truly reflect the exceptional level of service provided to customers, while also being limited in terms of booking functionality and property management tools. 

Our team was tasked with the job of a complete brand overhaul and website redesign to help bring Vesta Stays into the modern world. This included custom solutions such as a new letterform logo that is easily scalable with a minimalistic design to compliment the simple colour palette of grey, white, orange and purple.

The two brighter shades were used sparingly to accentuate the focus of important buzzwords or calls to action throughout. To increase the number of direct bookings and improve user experience, dedicated landing pages were created for each location with an integrated channel manager tool to help showcase and update home or room availability in real-time across all channels.

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