Taylor-miller FMCG Recruitment

Illuminating the brand’s distinctive personality among a sea of ordinary

"...Their service is brilliant, my website is awesome. But for me, the main thing - and what makes them stand out from the rest - is they took the time out to understand me and my business. They have come up with branding that I absolutely love, and a logo I love that much I've had it inked.

can't really say much more than that, Use them."

If you’re looking for your next career move, or the perfect candidate to elevate your business’s performance, Taylor-Miller is the go-to FMCG recruitment specialist. With years of experience and knowledge in sourcing talent across a variety of disciplines within an ever-changing industry, they’ve gained great acclaim finding ‘blue lobsters’; individuals who possess unique skill sets and provide true value to global blue chip manufacturing giants.

However, despite their illustrious reputation, their original brand identity lacked lustre and struggled to align with today’s job seekers. Their existing website lacked a mobile-first approach and provided a poor user experience throughout.

Drawing inspiration from the business’ environment-conscious operations and sustainability ethos, our design team created a clean, minimalistic website with a forest green colour palette and eye-catching geometric pheasant mascot logo, design to differentiate Taylor-Miller from its competitors across multiple brand touchpoints.

To help facilitate connections between applicants and employers, we integrated a dynamic job board platform within the website, along with industry-specific keywords blended into compelling copy to illustrate their uncompromising attitude and no-nonsense approach when placing the right people in the right jobs.

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