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Providing e-learning courses to the medical aesthetics practitioners of tomorrow

MJ Clinical is the leading provider for medical aesthetics with an extensive range of courses available online and in-person designed to equip qualified practitioners with the knowledge and tools to competently perform aesthetic procedures, while maximising clinic profitability. Unfortunately, users were greeted with an inefficient, difficult-to-navigate website with poor UX design, unclear value propositions and a platform that just wasn’t optimised for mobile use. As a result, visitors had to struggle through a tedious booking journey that ultimately hindered potential sales. 

To achieve exceptional user experience, our team completely revitalised the website with an intuitive e-learning platform built to help users navigate and purchase courses much easier than before – no more cumbersome clicks across multiple pages! Additionally, we fine tuned all copy so as to better represent the brand, including relevant, search engine friendly keywords and punchy headlines that are sure to excite medical professionals about kick starting or expanding their career in aesthetics.

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