5 Strong Reasons Why You Need a New Business Website

Your business website is your first impression to an audience larger than you could ever imagine; it’s a digital manifestation of your most valuable asset, your brand. Getting it to work with you rather than against you can be one of your company’s greatest strengths.

1 | It doesn’t work on mobile devices.

If this is true for your website, don’t worry about reading the rest of this article, you’ve already found your answer. This is a considerable problem for your business for two reasons.

Problem one: Around 52% of all internet traffic globally comes from mobile devices, now that’s a lot of customers and more importantly, sales, you’re potentially missing out on.

Problem two: At the end of 2017, Google announced the rollout of mobile-first indexing. In a nutshell, this means Google predominantly uses your website’s mobile version for ranking on their site. If it doesn’t work on mobile, the chances are it won’t get a top place in Google’s search results. And we don’t need to explain why that isn’t a good thing for your business now do we.

Bottom line, a responsive website is critical to the success of your business online. It’s alright, we’ll wait here while you check…

"44.1% of people use laptops and desktops, 51.6% use mobile phones, and 4.2% use tablets."

2 | Your competition is doing it better.

See your competition over there, the one sat at the very top of google? Well, their business website is simple to use, fast, strategically designed and works on any device. It’s a doddle. If they’ve done it why haven’t you? They’re your customers, not theirs!

The wild-west that is the internet can be a fast-paced, cruel beast. And if you don’t keep up you’ll soon get left behind.

3 | You can’t update your content yourself (easily).

Does this sound familiar? You’ve just written some content ready for your website that could put Roald Dahl to shame. This is it, a paragraph so eloquently written that any reader who gazes over this absolute masterpiece will immediately fall in love with your brand.

But there’s one problem, you can’t edit websites, can you? So, you down half a bottle of gin in preparation for the dreaded ‘developer call’. The 20-minute call, 90% of which is spent listening to technical terms you don’t have a clue about, all lightly coated with a smug, condescending overtone and a two-week turnaround.


You come to the 21st century, where most sites are built using content management systems (CMS) that allow the less tech-savvy business owner to manage and edit simple elements such as text, images, or video. Work smarter, not harder.

4 | You actually aren’t seeing real benefit from having one.

Do you have any strong calls to action? Is your website driving customers to the checkout or pushing them to the welcome arms of your competitors? Is the time spent on your site by visitors extremely short? Is your bounce rate high?

Do you have Google Analytics incorporated into your website to give you an answer to this question?

If you haven’t then I’m afraid you’re fighting with your arms tied behind your back. Arm yourself correctly if you want to see growth.

5 | You aren’t on Google.

Although there numerous factors that could be affecting your Google rankings, there’s still a significant chance your website is the culprit.

Even if there was a 5% chance your website design was the reason, I would still list this as one of my top reasons. 53% of all web traffic comes from organic searching, be it through Google or any other search engine, 53%! And you don’t even have a horse in this race because you’re never seen online! I don’t need to explain why that’s a very damaging problem for a business.

Bottom Line.

At Digibean, we believe if you can tick any of these boxes for the wrong reasons, then alarms need to be ringing in your mind. You need a website to be proud of that effectively brings in two things, prospects, and sales.

If you aren’t shouting the URL of your business website, then it’s time to rethink your online identity. Take a look at our work.

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